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Version: 0.23.1

Platformatic DB Dashboard

The Platformatic DB has a dashboard used to do several actions like see the current configuration and access documentation for your generated API.


Be sure to set dashboard: true on your platformatic.db.json, as mentioned on the config docs.

It also integrates GraphiQL, to run queries and mutations against Platformatic DB Server.


As mentioned on the config docs, adding metrics: true will allow to add also the Platformatic metrics to the dashboard.

Development Server

If you want to contribute on the dashboard, it needs to know where is Platformatic DB Server.

Create a ./packages/db-dashboard/.env file with the following content


If you set up Platformatic DB with a custom path for dashboard (found in dashboard.path config value), you have to add


Note that this value is configured automatically by the script in scripts/fix-dashboard-env.js that is executed before dashboard:build.

Or whatever port you are running platformatic DB server on.


Please double check the host too: if platformatic is running on and you set localhost as VITE_SERVER_URL, you'll get CORS errors.

Then run

pnpm run dashboard:start

You'll get vite's development server up and running.


Just run

pnpm run dashboard:build

And vite will create a production ready bundle that will be served by Platformatic DB.