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Version: 0.22.0


Platformatic is a collection of Open Source tools designed to eliminate friction in backend development. The first of those tools is Platformatic DB, which is developed as @platformatic/db.

Platformatic DB

Platformatic DB can expose a SQL database by dynamically mapping it to REST/OpenAPI and GraphQL endpoints. It supports a limited subset of the SQL query language, but also allows developers to add their own custom routes and resolvers.

Platformatic DB Architecture

Platformatic DB is composed of a few key libraries:

  1. @platformatic/sql-mapper - follows the Data Mapper pattern to build an API on top of a SQL database. Internally it uses the @database project.
  2. @platformatic/sql-openapi - uses sql-mapper to create a series of REST routes and matching OpenAPI definitions. Internally it uses @fastify/swagger.
  3. @platformatic/sql-graphql - uses sql-mapper to create a GraphQL endpoint and schema. sql-graphql also support Federation. Internally it uses mercurius.

Platformatic DB allows you to load a Fastify plugin during server startup that contains your own application-specific code. The plugin can add more routes or resolvers — these will automatically be shown in the OpenAPI and GraphQL schemas.

SQL database migrations are also supported. They're implemented internally with the postgrator library.